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The "New Normal" Weddings - 2022 Edition

Happy New Year! It is 2022 and weddings ain't quite what they used to be- yet they are still the same as always. When it comes to ceremonies now, people are more likely to throw hand sanitizer than confetti or rice. In fact, there are many weddings that I have seen recently that offer hand sanitizer as a favor. As a wedding officiant I have seen it all. Personalized bride and groom face masks have become a normal site. The new normal.

What started as an awkward attempt to maintain normalcy in a new Covid-19 world, while following safety protocols, has become standard operating procedure. I have officiated some weddings where every other row is empty. It looks a bit like half of your family bailed on your big day. And that happens too! I have had couples expecting 150 guests to find half of them couldn't come due to being sick with Covid or unable to travel due to quarantine restrictions. Man, this Covid is a real jerk to be honest. Sorry if that offends you (in case any of you are pro-virus).

But Covid won't stop love. Brides and grooms are adapting. Or, in other cases, they are postponing. And postponing again. And again... I have been hired to officiate some weddings that have been rescheduled three times already! C'mon! Get maried already! We can all wear hazmat suits and bathe in a lake of alcohol! That actually sounds pretty awesome. So... I guess I haven't quite seen it all... yet!

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