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  • How do we get started?
    Just contact me and we will set up a time to talk over the phone (or Zoom if you prefer). We can have a brief chat and talk a bit about your ceremony and answer any questions you may have. Nice and easy :) Email me: or call: 845-583-1103
  • What about the Marriage License?
    In order to be legally married, each couple must obtain a marriage license from the appropriate jurisdiction before their ceremony. Marriage laws and license procedures vary from state to state. Please contact your local city/town to inquire about the specific requirements for your ceremony.
  • We don't want a "ceremony," just a quick signing of our marriage license. Do you also do that?"
    Yes! I would be happy to make your marriage official without all the bells and whistles. *I offer mobile officiant service where I come to you or you can come to my office in Nyack, NY *BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • Will you please make this whole process more difficult than it needs to be?
    No. No I will not.
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