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Is a Funny Wedding Officiant Right For You?

So you are getting married and you booked a venue, the DJ, the flowers- you have done it all except hire the #Officiant who will actually marry you to your partner. Perhaps you're not looking for a traditional, run-of-the-mill wedding minister. It's your big day and you want it to feel like a fun celebration. You don't want a room full of bored guests. It's a wedding, not a funeral! So how can you make sure your wedding ceremony will be fun and unique while still being sincere and loving? Hire an experienced comedian officiant to perform your ceremony! A funny officiant is not always easy to find but if you are reading this- and obviously you are- then you have found one :)

Now some people are not looking for a fun or funny wedding ceremony. That's right, some people want a very traditional, ultra-religious, super serious ceremony and that is completely understandable. But if you want to start off your big day with a truly funny and personalized ceremony, then a comedian is the way to go!

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