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3 Unique and FUN Wedding Ceremonies

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

1. Wedding Officiant COMEDIAN :)

Are you in love AND have a great sense of humor? Well this may be just the thing for you! Hire a comedian to officiate your wedding. Wedding Officiant and Stand Up Comedian John Wendel has performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies defined by Love and Laughter. As a comedian, Rev. Wendel can take your personal life and love stories and turn them into a unique ceremony celebration that your guests will NEVER FORGET!

Now, don't just hire any comedian. You will want to make sure that you talk to them and ensure that they are experienced and can provide exactly what you're looking for!

2. Themed Wedding Ceremony

Whether you are looking for a traditional ceremony or a wild and crazy wedding to match your personality as a couple, a themed wedding could be just right for you. There are almost limitless options that you could employ to create your super fun and elaborately themed wedding. Some of the most common wedding "themes" are:

1. Country: Put on your wedding dress... and your boots! Throw some bales of hay around and rent or borrow a horse for the day! Go nuts, partner, y'hear?

2. Disney: Use your imagination

3. Halloween: Trick or treat? Oh boy, October and early November weddings are very popular in the Northeast and those who like Halloween LOVE a good, spooky wedding. Really, boo? Yes. Really.

3. Mid-air Wedding Ceremony

Geronimo! That's right, many people "take the leap" quite literally! You and your spouse to be can get married at 10,000 feet with a sky-diving wedding. Reach for the clouds as you say "I do" in style. Just be sure not to drop the rings :) Happy landing!

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