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After Covid: Make Wedding Ceremonies FUN Again!

Let's face it, this past year has been a nightmare for the wedding industry in the Northeast and throughout the country (and world) and, of course, for couples wanting to get married. It has been a year of cancelations, re-scheduling, refunds, last minute elopements, virtual weddings and all kinds of craziness! But now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, this summer has begun to resemble something closer to "normal." There are still many (ever-changing) restrictions and the above-mentioned craziness but it has been trending better and better each day.

So now that you are planning your wedding AND you will be able to have all the guests there and the dancing and all the rest, there's nothing better than setting that celebratory tone by hiring the best funny officiant in NY

Love and Laughter go well together and nothing breaks through the stress of your wedding day like a good chuckle! With personalized non-denominational and fun ceremonies that capture your love story in a way that displays your love and a sense of humor, your guests will be relaxed, fired up and ready to have fun at your reception!

Now, anyone can have a boring, run of the mill wedding but we all just got through a year of being stuck in the house and it's time to LET IT ALL OUT! Make your wedding special by having comedian and Wedding Officiant John Wendel (as seen on TV) officiate your big day. Also available to Emcee your event and/or perform stand up comedy at your reception. Express YOUR inner smile with a ceremony that strikes a balance between the sincere, loving tone and a lighthearted, humorous vibe.

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