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A Wedding Officiant Comedian

Love and Laughter fill the air as I stand at the altar, performing another wedding ceremony. But this is not like any other ceremony I have done. Why? Because they are ALL unique! Ok, so some ceremonies do share certain characteristics with others but THIS one is YOURS! As such, it is special and personal and above all, it is a CELEBRATION of your love as you take the next step of your journey by becoming a married couple! When selecting your wedding officiant in NY, NJ, CT (or anywhere in the Northeast U.S.) you may want to consider something a bit unique... a wedding officiant comedian! That's right, I am a hybrid, created in a lab by a mad scientist many years ago! (I hope he's not STILL mad after all these years). We can keep the funny to a minimum or moderate level or we can can really tear it up with a fun, roast-like ceremony! So if you are thinking about having some laughs at your wedding- look no further- contact me today for availability :)

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