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90 Day Fiance: The REAL Story of Tania and Syngin's Wedding

It has been several months since the backyard wedding of 90 Day Fiance's Season 7 stars Tania and Syngin. Comedian and Wedding Officiant John Wendel was there on that humid July night to officiate their ceremony and it was VERY interesting...

First of all, my part of the story starts about a week before the big day. I was contacted by Tania who was looking for a Wedding Officiant for her upcoming wedding. We scheduled a call for the next day and I was talking to both Tania and Syngin on speakerphone. They said they loved the idea of having a comedian marry them because they wanted a fun, joyous and non-traditional ceremony. My specialty! We discussed a bit about their backgrounds and their love story and then came the question from Tania: "Are you okay with being filmed for a TV show?" Now, I am a comedian and the idea of being on TV is super cool and had me geeked out but I had to play it smooth like my fellow TV stars do. "Oh? What's the show called?" I asked as if I barely cared at all. "90 Day Fiance" she answered. "90 Day what?" I replied unsmoothly. "It's on TLC" she said. Oh that helps. WTF is a TLC?

With only a few days until my first ever filmed-for-TV event, it was time to prepare! Based on our conversation and a few emails and texts, I put together a personalized ceremony script that reflected Tania and Syngin's energy and personality as a couple. I also had to act fast and lose some weight so I would be fit and sexy for all my fans and viewers. But alas, there was no time to lose 100lbs so I focused on what to wear instead. I settled on the only suit I own which proved a wise choice (although my wife told me to wear a white shirt which only made me scared to eat at the reception- thanks, honey).

Finally the big day arrived and I drove from my home in Nyack, NY to the lovely town of Mystic, CT. As I walked up the driveway, I noticed a camera and some crew. Oh boy, I thought, this is about to get real. Walking into the backyard, I immediately saw Tania and Syngin who were dressed casually as it was still a few hours until ceremony time. After getting mic'd up (that's an industry term- you wouldn't understand) I chatted with a few of the friends and family members there and spent a lot of time talking with Syngin. He is a total jerk. Just kidding! Syngin was excited and super friendly and full of life. We chatted for quite a while about his brief time in the states and how he was getting adjusted to life here, among other things. Tania was getting ready (brides mostly spend their wedding day getting ready- that's an all day thing). Okay, so everyone wants to know about Tania and what she is REALLY like. Is she a monster? A villain? A demon sent here to suck out Syngin's soul? All I can say is that for the time that I spent with and around Tania, she was nothing but sweet, loving and fabulous. She seemed very genuine, happy and fun (and funny too, they both were). They were one of the most clearly and passionately in-love couples that I have been around (and I marry people for a living). I liked them both very much and I was happy to be there.

After a few more hours, night fell and it was time to begin the ceremony. It was late, maybe 10pm or so by the time Tania walked down the aisle. Naturally, only a small portion of the actual ceremony was shown but suffice it to say that it was a fun and happy celebration that included lots of laughs, ring tattoos, improvised vows, and more. Non-traditional, personalized and reflective of the couple. That's just how we roll at Wendel Weddings and if you or someone you know wants to hire a stand up comedian for any private or public event, contact Wendel Comedy.

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