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8 Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding in NY, NJ, and CT - With Funny Officiant John Wendel

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Are you planning your wedding in the bustling tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut? This region, famous for its Hudson Valley weddings, New York City urban charm, and New Jersey scenic beauty, offers a myriad of choices for couples. Here are the top 8 things to keep in mind to ensure your wedding is as unique and memorable as your love story:

Choosing the Right Officiant: The officiant is the heart of your ceremony. For a blend of humor and heartfelt moments, John Wendel is the ideal choice. As a New York officiant known for his funny and engaging ceremonies, John specializes in creating personalized experiences that resonate with couples and guests alike. His 5 star reviews and gushing testimonials are unmatched from so many happy couples. Discover more at John Wendel Weddings.

Understanding the Marriage License Process: Each state has its nuances for marriage licenses. In New York, there’s a 24-hour waiting period, while New Jersey and Connecticut have their own guidelines. Familiarize yourself with the requirements or asked your professional officiant who can help guide you.

Considering an Elopement?: For a more intimate celebration, elopements are increasingly popular. The tri-state area offers diverse options, from the serene Hudson Valley to the picturesque beaches of Connecticut. With John Wendel's expertise, even an elopement feels amazing.

Venue Selection: The venue is where your dream takes shape. For a stunning waterfront setting in New Jersey, The Venetian in Garfield offers luxury and elegance. In Connecticut, The Wadsworth Mansion exudes historical charm and grandeur. There are so many great choices but start looking now, they book fast!

Seasonal Considerations: The Northeast presents a kaleidoscope of seasonal backdrops. Plan for the unexpected, especially for outdoor venues like those in Westchester County, known for their natural beauty.

Guest Transportation: Ensuring your guests' comfort is key. Companies like NYC Black Car Service in New York and Luxe Limo Service in New Jersey provide reliable and luxurious transportation options.

Local Vendors: Embrace the local charm by choosing local vendors. In New York, Patina Events offers exceptional catering services. For photography, consider Ryan Brenizer Photography in New York City, known for capturing vivid and emotional moments.

Make it Fun: Your wedding should reflect your personality. Think outside the box with unique entertainment options or unconventional decor. Need inspiration? John Wendel is full of creative ideas to make your wedding stand out.

Closing Thoughts: Your wedding in the tri-state area is not just a day; it’s the beginning of a lifelong journey. It's about celebrating your union in a place that offers everything from elopements to grand Hudson Valley weddings. With John Wendel, a highly sought-after Westchester officiant, at the helm, your ceremony will be filled with laughter, love, and memories to cherish. From understanding marriage licenses to selecting the perfect venue, every detail matters. So, embrace the journey, and let your wedding in NY, NJ, or CT be a reflection of your unique story. For more information or to book John Wendel for your big day, visit or call at (845) 583-1103

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