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5 Reasons a Micro Wedding is BETTER Than...

It has been a year of micro weddings, masked elopements and virtual weddings here in NY and NJ. So many brides and grooms have had to make a decision regarding their wedding plans this past year: Have a much smaller wedding or wait. WAIT?! Most brides have been waiting their WHOLE LIFE! There is no more "wait" left in most engaged couples. So there has been a surge in small wedding ceremonies, also known as a micro wedding. As a NJ and NY officiant, I have been inundated by requests from couples to officiate their tiny wedding ceremonies, often with just a few guests in attendance. Although these affairs are not always what the couple had originally planned, these more intimate weddings have been just as fun and loving as the big 200+ guest versions.

Lately, with all the uncertainty surrounding allowable guest count, social distancing rules and other Covid related restrictions, it has been challenging for couples to plan. It has also been an enormous challenge to those of us in the wedding business. Re-schedulings, cancelations and other changes have made each wedding a moving target and it has been tough. BUT more and more couples are embracing the reality of the time we are in and pairing down their dream ceremony to a cozy micro wedding. One of the most important (and often overlooked) things to do is to hire the right wedding officiant who can make or break the success of your micro wedding ceremony. An experienced, funny officiant will hold the (small) crowd's attention and make sure the energy, tone and feel of your ceremony is perfect. The ability to make the event "feel bigger" despite having only a handful of guests is a talent that a funny wedding officiant can pull off.

Here are 5 reasons why a #microwedding is even better than a traditional wedding:

  1. SAVE MONEY: Ok, this one is probably the most obvious so I put it at the top. You can have a cheap wedding that does not have to feel "cheap" at all. Spend that extra money on an amazing honeymoon, to save for a house or because...

  2. IT'S AN EXCUSE TO HAVE ANOTHER PARTY LATER: Yes! There is no rule saying that you can't have a small wedding now and a big celebration in a year or so. A lot of people are doing just that. It can be another "wedding" ceremony or even a vow renewal. Many couples in the NY and NJ area who are looking for a vow renewal officiant have hired funny officiant and comedian John Wendel as their funny celebrant.

  3. ONLY INVITE THOSE CLOSEST TO YOU: You know there are a few names on your guest list that you would LOVE to leave off but it would hurt someone's feelings. Well, blame it on Covid or your budget or the moon and your "unwanted guest" problem is solved!

  4. LESS PLANNING: Now even a fun micro wedding can take a lot of planning to make it special but it is usually much less involved than a large wedding would be. So save some time and keep it simple.

  5. LESS STRESS: Between the performance anxiety that so many couples experience in front of large crowds to worrying about who will sit at which table AHHHH! Those problems can melt away, along with your stress, when you plan a smaller, simpler fun micro wedding.

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