Get Married Online Virtually via Zoom!

If you live in NY or NJ you may be able to get Legally married online during the Covid Pandemic!


There are different procedures depending on your specific location and I can help you easily navigate through it all. First, you must apply for your Marriage License in the state where you plan to be married. If you are getting married in New York City, you can apply for your license online via PROJECT CUPID. After receiving your marriage license, you must then have your ceremony officiated by a NYC-REGISTERED OFFICIANT (such as me). This is done via Zoom (at least 24 hours AFTER receiving your marriage license) and can be either "quick and legal" where we just sign the paperwork or you can have an actual ceremony with vows, ring exchange, virtual guests, etc., it is up to you!

For Virtual Weddings elsewhere in NY State, you can actually still obtain your marriage license online via PROJECT CUPID  or you may get it from ANY other Town Clerk in NY State. 

Getting married in New Jersey is also a lot easier than it seems. You will apply for your marriage license at your local Town or City Hall. Next, we will schedule your Zoom ceremony for your virtual marriage!

On the day of your Zoom ceremony (or quick signing) you must have the following:

  1. Your valid marriage license.

  2. Valid Photo ID.

  3. At least ONE WITNESS for NY marriages (TWO WITNESSES for NJ).

  4. The couple must be physically together anywhere within the state.

  5. The witness(es) may be anywhere within the same state (they may witness virtually or in person, as long as they are in the same state as you)

  6. Ability to scan (or take a pic with a smartphone) and email, following the Zoom call.

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